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By: Steve Johnson

8/20/2009 - 51 Comments

Liberals can only see one solution to healthcare and that is government control.

Despite the countless failed programs, somehow they believe healthcare costs will be reduced if the government is in complete control of the healthcare system. 

The number of government programs that have failed to reduce costs is a mile long, including the ever expanding education budget and the bankrupt postal service.

Why don’t the politicians just be honest with us and tell us that the nation is broke. We cannot afford to let the government continue to run the industries that they have already taking over, let alone the trillions it would cost to take over healthcare.

This could be the hill that Obama and company finally lose control of their self destructive social agenda.
The healthcare issue has finally exposed the public to the radical policies behind the smooth talking salesman in the white house.

Encourage Marriage, Save Trillions

The liberal far left have no moral standard in which to operate within as they pursue political gains. What that means is they will support any policy that will give them votes regardless of its long-term social or economic consequences.  In their pursuit, they have no interest in good policies that would strengthen the foundation of the economy and lead to long term prosperity.

For example, A few weeks ago, the Time magazine exposing how the collapse of marriage harms women, children, and the poor and leads to a drastic decline in health - costing the nation trillions. 

The findings of a study of more than 8,600 people in their 50s and 60s sought to determine how divorce, widowhood, and remarriage affected their health. The authors’ conclusion: “The physical stress of marital loss continues long after the emotional wounds have healed.”

Among the divorced and widowed, men and women alike reported “about 20 percent more chronic health problems” including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, than people who stayed married.

Obama claims that his healthcare reform would reduce the cost of private insurance, which is about 20% of healthcare costs today. This is the same amount lost to health issues from the increase in divorce.

A national campaign promoting marriage and the negative health effects of divorce could save the nation more money than Obamacare.  But of course, that would not give Obama and company more control over the people.

In fact it would do just the opposite. It would promote freedom and the pursuit of moral values and a commitment to your spouse.  What they want to promote is a commitment to the government rather than a commitment to your spouse.  The more people turn to their family for support, the stronger the family unit would become and the less dependent on government for anything. 

Maggie Gallagher wrote an entire book about this issue, The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially.

The nation would be far wealthier and healthier if the marriage rate was increased.


It’s time that the public realize that the policies of the far left are not in our favor. They are not guided by a moral obligation to improve your person health, wealth or wellbeing. They misuse popular phrases like ‘choice’ and ‘pursuit of happiness’ and ‘helping the poor’ to trick the public into supporting policies that give them more control of congress and the nations money which is then funneled back to companies and industries that support their political agendas and candidates.

It’s quite a racket they have going.

Back in August of last year I wrote the article, Let Obama Win - To Prove Socialism Is a Bad Economic Strategy, but at the time I didn’t think he could have done it in less than a year.  I thought it would take several years for him to prove socialism is a bad idea.  He has done it.

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