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The Garage Becomes Living Space

By: Steve Johnson

3/13/2008 - 49 Comments

The garage is becoming an extension of the home as many today have added TV’s, couches and refrigerators.  This is also due to the popularity of the attached garage vs. the unattached garage. 

During the housing boom, the concrete industry expanded their market by adding style to driveways, sidewalks and steps.  Decorative concrete has become an industry of its own, as the options have grown with the desire to have a unique looking home. The need for uniqueness also comes from the similar looking siding and house designs that blend houses together.  Decorative concrete is like landscaping, which increases the curb appeal of a home, but unlike landscaping it's much harder to duplicate.

New Market: Garage Upgrades

The decorative concrete business may slow down with new home construction, but the garage upgrade business is just getting started.

Many of the new homes built in the housing boom have three to four stall garages.  Garage floor covering is a relatively new market that has a huge potential with millions of dirty garage floors to cover.  Unlike building a deck with an estimated cost of $3000 dollars, the garage floor covering price is between $500 and $1500.  And why not have a nice garage, when the woman of the home has the most influence over the interior of the home.  The garage is becoming the place to party, with TVs’, couches and refrigerators.  Why not have a new painted garage floor that is easy to clean, looks nice and brightens up the room. 

Some guys will want to do it themselves, but many will want a profession upgrade – and hiring a professional could also help persuade the wife/girl friend.  Painting the floor is just the beginning. There are many other improvements that could be added, starting with insulation and sheetrock.  A garage upgrade business could offer everything from insulation, sheetrock, cabinets, shelves, florescent lights, corner speakers for the stereo and a gas heater with a digital thermostat.

Spring is a great time to offer garage upgrade services as everyone is looking for ways to spend more time out of the house.  An entire garage upgrade – including heaters – can also add living space to your house, increasing your resale value. Garage upgrades may be the next big thing in home remodeling. 

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