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Immorality Destroys the Economy

By: Steve Johnson

3/11/2008 - 33 Comments

The financial impact of a moral society is enormous.  A nation misguided by its own immorality does not lead to prosperity. 

A society that understanding right from wrong, good from bad, leads to good decisions that produce health and wealth.

Sex education is a sham.  It is obviously not working, as a new study showed the 1 in 4 teens have a STD.

Reference Article:  Study finds 1 in 4 US teens has a STD

Yet, we continue to spend millions on ‘sex education’ classes taught by our public school system.  What is really amazing is when confronted with this and other alarming trends, the only answer the educators and politicians have is to spend more money – otherwise known as throwing good money after bad.

Millions of dollars of our money is spend on telling young adults about sex, which has resulted in higher teen pregnancy rates and unwed mothers – many of which end up living on welfare costing taxpayers millions more.  All of us are getting poorer all the time, yet nobody can see the problem.

Why not discuss why we didn’t have these problems 40 years ago.  Why not just admit that declining morality is the root cause of this and other problems.

Morality Creates Prosperity

From an economic perspective, which is quickly becoming the top concern in the US, immorality hurts the economy.  Therefore, the only good investment is to teach the values of morality. When we wonder why we can’t find a job, maybe it’s because we stopped going to church.

The entire world is turning from God, as many parts of the world are becoming more and more atheists and agnostic.  No one really wants to believe in God and sin anymore, because humanity is fundamentally corrupted.  As the Bible says, there is no good is us.

Our government should be involved in protecting the economy and that can be done by limiting the exposure of the public to the destructive nature of pornography, gambling and violence (portrayed by video games, movies and TV).

Is the US Government Capable of Governing an Immoral People?

My biggest fear is that the US government is incapable of governing an immoral people – without leading us to bankruptcy.  The freedoms in America limit the government from restricting the exposure to destructive habits related to morality. The arguments relating to freedom of religion and freedom of speech get in the way of the government’s ability to protect the morality of the people. 

In America, we don’t allow the government to sensor the Internet because it would be in direct violation against the first amendment – protecting freedom of speech.  The danger with protecting free speech is when a culture loses its moral foundation.  America is slowly becoming a danger to itself as we lose our moral foundation.  Our government system relies on a moral people. Without morality, capitalism doesn't work very well. As the public becomes less and less moral, the government loses its effectiveness.

The reason America has become the greatest county in the world is because it was based on a limited government, which allowed for a highly productive population aspiring too out-produce every other nation in the world.  America was able to have a limited government because the population was self-governing – as a Christian nation united under God, believing in the ten-commandments and loving its neighbors.

The decline in morality, has resulted in many government regulations over the decades to protect ourselves from ourselves.  For example, we wouldn’t need welfare if we loved our neighbor and gave out of our abundance to the poor.  That’s what we did when America started – and it’s much more efficient then taxing everyone and filtering the money through the government before giving it to the poor.

The Value of Honesty

Businesses flourish when honesty is upheld in a society, which in turn provides long-term predictable profitable growth and prosperity. On the other hand, when businesses embrace dishonesty, they have to spend lots of money on protection from getting cheated. The more dishonest the people are, the more money that gets spent on fraud protection systems like identification systems, cameras, security personnel, etc.-which translate into higher prices, less profits and lower paying jobs.

Honesty is one of the foundational cornerstones of the America business infrastructure and has been a primary factor in our prosperity – until recently. The recent corporate executives at Enron and WorldCom that have ‘lied’ about their company profits in order to boost stock prices and allow them to enjoy large bonuses, is evidence that American business infrastructure is abandoning ‘telling the truth’.

The Sinking Dollar

The only reason that the US has been able to run a budget deficit for 30 years, is because when it comes to investing, the US is the most trusted nation with a legal system in place to protect investors.  All major countries park their massive cash reserves in the US because of the level of trust they have in our country.

The trust that has supported America for over 30 years is slipping away, as foreign wealth funds have lost billions from the drop in real-estate based equities.  The relationship between large banks is based on their reputation and the legal protection of America to retrieve an investment.  As the reputations of US banks crumble and go into bankruptcy, the US government will be on the line to return these investments.  But, the US government is in the process of devaluing the dollar, which is cheating the foreign investors by returning them less value then they originally invested. 

The result is leading to a breakdown of trust between foreign banks and the US government – which is causing foreign banks to reduce their investment in the US and the dollar to sink like a rock in the river.  The real-estate bubble was created by the US central banks' (the Federal Reserve) manipulation of interest rates and the large financial firm who packaged and sold trillions of dollars of real-estate backed equity to foreign investors.  Foreign investors were sold a bag of garbage and they’re not happy about it.

There is sure to be many legal inquiries into who lied about what, but the result will be detrimental to the US economy as foreign banks can no longer trust the US.

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