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Obama Refuses To Interview On Fox News

By: Steve Johnson

6/18/2009 - 15 Comments

Fox News is one of the largest media networks in the industry, yet the current president repeatedly refuses to allow many of his staff to interview on the network.

Presidential criticism is part of politics and every administration is criticized by the opposing party, but never before a president refused to discuss important issues with a major media network.

The strategy has been successful in keeping his critics from getting current information to talk about to policy makers that are shaping the economic recovery.   Yet, this is the same president that has pushed for a new bill to force talk radio to be ‘fair and balanced’, giving equal time to conservative talk and liberal talk. 

Here is what Neil Cavuto had to say about it yesterday.  Video Link:

Here is the White House response.  Video Link:

The Road to Serfdom

Controlling information is the one of the final elements of dictator control.  In Friedrich Hayek’s, book “The Road to Serfdom”, he warns against the dangers of state control over the means of production.  The collective idea of empowering government with increasing economic control inevitably led to the horrors of Nazi Germany and the Fascist Italy.

The last phase of socialism that Hayek talks about is the destructive influent of information that is counterproductive to the socialist’s agenda.  Information must be controlled and the only way that I can see that being possible today with the easy publishing tools of the Internet is to make the publication of some information illegal – upon which publishers can be arrested and jailed.  This is the case in many communist nations like China and more recently in Canada and is about to start in America with the ‘hate crimes’ bill that is a great danger to America.

Polls Show Obama Losing Ground

At the same time, Obama is running out of time as the recession continues to devastate the economy with more and more jobs lost.  The latest NBC/WSJ poll shows 46% feel US is headed in wrong direction.

The democratic control of congress is going to lose a lot of power in the 2010 elections and Obama will not be able to get his policies through as easy, which is why they are using the word ‘crisis’ to push through as many policies as they can as quickly as they can.  Like the trillion dollar stimulus package, energy policy and now the health care and banking reform policies.

All these radical policies have huge price tags which will need to be paid for by massive tax increases for years to come.  But, the critics are kept quiet as the president pushes his ideas as fast as he can – under the false assumption that the US is a nation of abundant riches to pay for these policies. 

All the while, pushing the nation closer and closer to nation bankruptcy. 

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