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 How the Global Economy is Dependent on Christianity

 Why America May Never Recover From the Recession

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Why America May Never Recover From the Recession: Series Introduction

By: Steve Johnson

6/12/2009 - 56 Comments

The ‘last days’ are described in the bible as the days shortly before the return of Jesus. 

Many economist today look as the current US recession as a short-term problem, which will eventually pass and the US will return to its prosperous ways. 

Many believe that if the government can only make quick and thoughtful policy changes we will re-emerge from the recession – like we have in the past.  

Few economist look past the talking points of Wall Street and the political optimism to uncover the real financial mess that we are facing.  Few economists can even fathom how a nation of abundant riches just a few years ago, could suddenly be completely broke. 

Abundant Riches

The truth is very difficult to realize without starting with the correct assumption.  The assumption that we were a nation of abundant riches just a few years ago is completely false because that assumption is based on a phony economy that was build on over consumption and funded with foreign credit.

The so called abundant riches that we spent were not our money to spend.  The US was actually broke a decade ago – but the previous decade of creeping socialism engulfed political thought and blinded them from making the hard decisions that needed to be made. 

Allan Greenspan and company led to the financial meltdown that we now face with the idea that the Federal Reserve could juice the economy and avoid any downturn. The resulting housing and stock market bubbles have now popped leaving an unimaginable mess.

The Obama administration walked into a financial mine field, with industry after industry collapsing around them – and their assumption that the nation has abundant riches – only lead them to compound the problem by expanding the government and the currency supply – pushing us even faster to complete financial meltdown. 

Big Picture

When the facts are analyzed and the big picture is truly understood – the magnitude of the financial collapse that the US is facing looks to be at best a 10-20 year point of recovery – much like the great depression of the 30’s. 

The few economists that see this picture, like Peter Schiff, Thomas E. Woods, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, and others – do not have a biblical prophetic outlook of the world – and therefore they all see a future in which the US could eventually do the right thing and return to capitalism and possibly remain a superpower.

Prophetic Perspective

The difference between me and these economists is that I have a keen interest in studying biblical prophecy and have found an alarming situation in which the US does not have 10-20 years to recover.

Even a quick study of biblical prophecy clearly shows that the ‘last days’ are upon us and the US is not recorded as a major world power during that period of time. Therefore, it is quite possible that the US will never recover from the current recession until the end of this age, which is marked by the return of Jesus to rule the world from Israel. 

In this article series, I will attempt to explain the biblical prophecies that illustrate why I think the US is unlikely to remain a world power.

I like to write about biblical prophecies in relation to world economics because few people have this understanding and therefore this information gives me a uniqueness that is not easy to duplicate.

My plan is to write one article per week each Friday to complete this article series. Here are the titles of each article that I intend to write.

Part 1: The Rebirth of the State of Israel
Part 2: Israel Becomes the Center of World Conflict
Part 3: The Anti-Christ Comes to Power in the Mists of Extreme Global Financial Trouble
Part 4: Global Climate Changes Increase in Frequency and Intensity
Part 5: America is Not Recorded Among the World Powers at the End of this Age

An Obvious Setup

In essence, what I am saying is that the Lord God Almighty is directing the world down a path to fulfill these prophecies – just as He has throughout history to bring about many other prophecies. What I see today is none other then the setup of the worst possible global meltdown in history. The coming inflationary meltdown is so obvious that it cannot be blamed on foolish men acting alone.

The Lord has brought great dilutions to world leaders so that they would make the economical mistakes they have and continue to make to lead the world into a global financial meltdown – so that world powers will shift into the correct position for prophecy to be fulfilled. 

It is important to realize that if any one of the prophecies of the Bible does not come true, then the Bible couldn’t be the true Word of God – which is claimed by God himself.  Therefore, God would be a liar and His reputation would be damaged.  Men are not in control of the global economy like they think they are.

God said He would gather the Jews together again as a nation in the last days because His reputation or His great name is at stake to fulfill His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to make them a nation which all blessing would come to the world – which was fulfilled by the birth of Jesus – and now that nation has been restored to fulfill its final destination.  (Ezekiel 37)

Few Are Listening

This is a fascinating time to study Biblical prophecy because so many prophecies are being fulfilled in a short period of time and it is much easier to follow along with historical events then at other period of history where few prophecies were unfolding.  I hope you will join me and read along as I explore this subject in the articles to come.

The irony of this article series that there are also prophecies that say that men will have itchy ears in the ‘last days’ and will not be interested in hearing what the Lord is doing, but instead they will only listen to what they want to hear.  Paul describe the apostasy that will engulf the church of Jesus Christ in the last days -- itchy ears.

"For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. (2 Timothy 4:3)"

This is the reason Biblical prophecy is being ignored today.  Most churches in America have turned to other self-help material because that is what people want to hear. 

To make matters worse, the watered down modern churches have lost their ability to share the true message that Jesus told us about - that the universe is about His Kingdom. Many observers of the church today discard the Christian faith as nothing but a support system for weak minded people. While it is true that the Christian faith is a support system, it is also the only source of truth.

Without Christ, you are living your life in the dark.

The truth maybe hidden but none the less, it is still the truth. The God of the Bible is the only living God and His plan for the history of the world that He created is unfolding just as He planned.

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