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Creeping Socialism Has Destroyed the Foundation of Capitalism

By: Steve Johnson

5/14/2009 - 38 Comments

Creeping socialism has destroyed the foundation of capitalism which we desperately need to revive the economy.

An entire generation has been taught by the higher educational system that socialism is the only way to solve problems like inequality (reducing the poor through walfare), wars (global peace), and reducing health care costs and increasing funding for retirement.

David Horowitz recently wrote the book, "One-Party Classroom: How Radical Professors at America's Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy".  This book is a great research to understand how much of an influence the higher educational system has been in shaping the ideals of socialism into a positive way.

One-Party ClassroomHow Radical Professors at America's Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy  




The only problem is that the fundamental ideas of socialism cannot deliver what it promise because it undermines the foundation of capitalism, resulting in the reduction of wealth of the entire nation while growing the government until the day comes when the economy can no longer afford the government that was created to solve these problems.

That day is soon approaching, but the process of education cannot quickly be reversed.  The majority of the population who has been educated by the higher educational system in the last few decades, whole heartedly believes that the ideas of socialism can solve the economic problems of today.

Why else would they have elected Obama?  Obama is championing the very ideals of socialism, by providing the same solution to every problem we face – more government.

Many people don’t like to use the word ‘Socialism’ because they know it is a failed concept and therefore they refuse to associate the socialism policies that they believe in with socialism.  Some will acknowledge that we have a mixture of socialism and capitalism, which they believe is better than either of them.  But this is simple not the case. 

Any mixture of socialism and capitalism cannot exist long term, because socialism undermines the very fabric of capitalism.  One of them will always dominate and today that is socialism.   You cannot believe in both socialism and capitalism.  They represent two drastically different systems which are at odds with each other.

Capitalism is about honoring the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, risk and self-reliance. It is about liberty and freedom and it is souly responsible for making America rich.

Socialism is about government reliance without hard work.  It’s about taking money from successful people who have worked hard and giving it to others, which is packaged and sold to the people by political leaders as if the people have been victimized by business owners.

Socialism is about reducing liberty and freedom while giving competitive advantages to some businesses and not others, which creates monopolies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mai.  It is only through the ideals of socialism, profit taking is seen as gouging and success as greed and business leaders as predators. 

Creeping socialism has transformed America into a culture of over consumption with a bloated government that is standing in the way of ever returning to a sound economic recovery.

There is no way to quickly undue this mess we have without a long process of re-educating the public to realize that it was pure capitalism that brought America into prosperity and capitalism is the only road back to prosperity. It just may take a revolution.

Instead of solving the problems we face, creeping socialism has created much bigger problems without solving the original problems that it was suppose to solve.  No nation has ever survived a replacement of a foundation of capitalism with a foundation of socialism.  

Time is not on our side. The sooner we turn from socialism the better – no matter what the terms are, we will never find prosperity in expanding the government and printing money to pay for it.

Perhaps one of the best explanations of how to save America can be found is Thomas J. Dilorenzo book, "How Capitalism Saved America".

How Capitalism Saved America: The untold history of our country  

"How Capitalism Saved America"



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