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By: Steve Johnson

4/22/2009 - 50 Comments

The demand for ammo is increasing because of the risks that Obama and congress pose to the restriction of the freedom of gun ownership and the deepening recession which adds to the need to protect ones property.

Soon after the presidential election of Obama, who is perhaps the most anti-gun leaders in American history, the supply of ammo started running out in several major cities across the country.

Personally I don't own a lot of guns because they are dangerous, but I’m very opposed to the government trying to rewrite the constitution to take away the right to own guns.  We will be in much more dangerous if the government is allowed to take away the guns of the people. 

9/11 is a perfect example of what can happen when people are not allowed to defend themselves and have to trust the government for their protection.  The government failed to protect the people on the airplanes and didn’t allow them to protect themselves by carrying their own guns.

Government protection does not work.  People need the right to protect themselves. 

Ammo is the new gold

Last week, a friend of mine received his order for 5 boxes of 9mm ammo, which was on back order for over three months.  A few days later he went to a gun show and the same boxes of ammo that he purchased for $60/box was selling for $100/box.  That's almost a 70% gain from the beginning of this year.  Ammo is perhaps the best investment of the year and is likely to continue to increase.

Some of the gun owners at the gun show were stocking up to 30,000 rounds for each gun they owned, because of the potential increase in value.  I have never been an investor in ammo, but it is starting to look like a good idea. 

Government gun control bill HR 45

In January, congress has introduced a new bill ‘HE 45 Blair Hold Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009’

This bill basically forces all firearm owners to be treated as criminals before they commit a criminal act. All gun owners will be fingerprinted and can be submitted to a physical & mental evaluation at any time, and failure to do so automatically revokes your right (given by the constitution) to own a firearm and you are subject to a year in jail.

The government also would have the right to come and inspect your home to verify proper storage of your gun (without a legal search warrant) and the fine is punishable for upto 5 years in prison. This is no joke; this bill is currently under discussion.

This bill stands in the face of countless examples of how restricting guns has not reduced criminal violence. The research shows just the opposite that when guns are allowed, criminals are much less likely to act with guns because they realize that they may be fired upon.

If I remember correctly, just last year Washington D.C.’s gun laws were ruled unconstitutional and they didn’t reduce violent criminal acts before they were over ruled.  Guns are dangerous, but government disarmament is even more dangerous.

The fear of this bill is driving up the value of ammo across the country.  Soon people will start producing their own ammo and selling it at gun shows - which is illegal without proper certification. But, so is the attempts of the government to ban guns. The black market is bound to replace the real market, which will only increase the dangers of guns and ammo. 

I went to five stores that sell ammo and all of them were sold out.  If you can get your hands on some ammo, it may be your best investment of the year.

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