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Is a Depression Inevitable?

By: Steve Johnson

4/13/2009 - 59 Comments

The question sounds ridicules to most of the financial planners and financial talk show hosts who are cheerleading a market bottom and talking about how growth will return in the second half of the year.

Yet, a handful of economists - like the group hosting one hour weekly financial talks at are looking at the economic fundamentals and they don’t see the same picture.

Martin Weiss, president of Weiss Research and editor of the Safe Money Report, has just published a new book called, The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide”.  According to Martin, a depression is inevitable at this point.  There is nothing the government can do to stop it and most of their efforts will only make it much worse.

Martin Weiss says a depression is inevitable at this point.

The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide”. 



As Peter Schiff said in his video blog today, "smoking leads to lung cancer just as printing money leads to inflation."

Sure you can smoke for a while, but once you are smoking three packs a day it won’t take long before you will have trouble breathing and lung cancer is soon to follow. 

The massive deficit spending by Obama and company is eventually going to choke the economic. Although, right now a lot of people would rather smoke three packs a day than quit and face withdrawal. But, at this rate the economy will very soon be struggling to breathe as prices are likely to increase very fast perhaps by the end of the year. 

And just like smoking, it takes a long time to heal your lungs after you quit – and its going to take a long time to heal the economy after the government stops spending money. The longer you smoke the longer it takes to heal. The longer the govenrment spends money that is does not have, the longer the economy will take to recover.

The question of whether the government decided to label the economic collapse a depression or not is really not as important as understanding how much worse it’s going to get and how to prepare for and invest for a long term economic crisis.

China is now selling US bonds, which means the government is going to have to buy even more of its own bonds.  The whole world is loosing faith in the US to manage the World Reserve Currency (the dollar) and stabilize the global economy because we are not showing fiscal discipline.

The US government needs to reverse course quickly to regain the faith of nations so that we can lead the world out of the financial crisis. If not, the world will find someone else that will stand up for sound money (backed by something like gold) to stabilize the global financial system.

America cannot continue to huff down three packs of smokes a day and expect to win the marathon.  Without a healthy economic the world has little need for us anymore.

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