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The Obama Deception: The New World Order Is Here

By: Steve Johnson

3/28/2009 - 43 Comments

Alex Jones has been talking about the New World Order for over 15 years and now he has put together a new movie about how Obama is part of the plan to deceive the world.

The new movie is called “The Obama Deception” and it has been released on the Internet for everyone to watch.

The movie tells the story of how the money powers of the world have conspired together to bring about a new central world bank that all nations will be control by, leading to a global dictatorship world government.  Obama was chosen to sell the world on the new world order and convince America to go alone with it.

The first books to document this global conspiracy was first published in 1972, when Gary Allen published, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”.

Then in the early 90’s as the UN emerged as the central power that was leading the world, William Jasper wrote the book, “Global Tyranny.. Step by Step”.

Another early book on the global conspiracy was Larry Burkett’s “The Illuminati

Since these early books, hundreds of books have been written about the global conspiracy, yet few people take it seriously - mostly because there is really nothing we can do about it. The rich will always rule over the poor. 

But now the global financial crisis has provided the perfect opportunity to bring the secrete plan to the public as a plan to save the world.  But the plan that Obama is selling is a plan to destroy the sovereignty of all nations to bring about a global enslavement to a global central bank

The recent talk about a new global currency with China, Japan and the EU to replace the Dollar as the Reserve Currency of the World, will be the finial play to centralize the power of the world. 

The list of things that Obama said in his campaign compared to what he has done is staggering. 

Here is the movie:

This is interesting to read about, but again I don't think there is much that anyone can do about it.

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