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Why Spending Now Feels So Right, When It’s So Wrong

By: Steve Johnson

3/21/2009 - 16 Comments

A resent comment helped me realize the view of many people with respect to the Obama administration and congress spending spree.

Here is the comment

“with consumer spending down so drastically, it's a great opportunity for the government to increase spending on basic needs (energy research, education, healthcare) to provide us with better lives and jobs.”

I think a lot of people maybe thinking the same thing, without seeing the problem with this line of thinking.

The Culture is Wrong

Spending has become the cultural answer in America for so many years that few seem to think that it could cause any harm.  Why not spend?  Isn’t that what we do in America – at least for the last several decades?  The generation under 20 doesn’t know what it is like to live without a credit card. 

The expansion of credit in the last 30 years has change the culture and removed the very idea of savings money.  The need to saves money is no longer understood or even thought about.  When it comes to money, there is only one thing to do with it – and that is to spend it. This is why I say it's going to take a revolution to bring back the American dream.

Of course the problem with the cultural trend to spend money without understanding its long-term impact is that the day of reckoning is getting closing by the minute.  The money that American’s are spending is not their own and therefore will someday have to be paid back.  Yet, we think we are gaining wealth by spending more money.

Spending Our Childrens Money

And if we don’t have the money to pay it back, then our debtors will take it from our children.  The money that congress is spending today to give us better lives and jobs, will be garnished from the wages of our children – through inflation and taxes.

If we really want a better life for our children, then we cannot spend any of their money.  If fact, we shouldn’t even be spending all of our money, we should be saving some of it for them.

Spending Will Lead to a Depression

If we continue to spend trillions of dollars without regard for the value of our currency on the global market, the world will one day sell the dollar and move to a different currency – as they were discussing last week at the G20 meeting when a new world currency was proposed. 

What that means it that the world is getting ready to take back their money that they have been borrowing us over the last 30 years.  Within a very short period of time the wealth of America could be transferring back to foreign nations - through a currency crisis of the dollar.  Stripping us of our ability to borrow any more money and drastically reducing the value of the money will have.

At this time in history, the Obama spending spree is the single largest risk to the security of our nation - and we don't even know it.  A brief look through history shows that an increase in government spending has never helped the economy long-term and has only been successful at prolonging the problems and created even larger bubbles. 

The current monetary policies of the congress have us on track to create the largest inflationary depression ever experienced in America history. 


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