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By: Steve Johnson

3/17/2009 - 81 Comments

A friend of mine recently applied for a job at the local unemployment office.

I was surprised to learn that the pay was more than twice the minimum wage, yet the job requirement didn’t require any higher education.

My friend has a great opportunity to get a job that paying more than twice the minimum wage with only a high school diploma.

Part of me is glad that my friend found this opportunity.  But, after pondering this a bit, this is not really fair to anyone.

Why should the government be able to pay twice the minimum wage, while everyone else with the high school diploma is stuck earning minimum wage?  On top of this government competitive advantage, the non-government workers are taxed to pay for the government workers jobs – at twice the pay.

Here are a few more thoughts I have about the advantages and impacts of new government jobs.

1. Benefits – The government jobs have better benefits and holiday pay than almost any other job in the market.  Not because the employees are more productive and therefore can afford the extra time off, but only because the government has control of the money and gets to decide who gets to benefit from the productivity of the non-government workers.

2. Job Security – Since the government is not in the business of producing anything, they are not constrained by profits or losses, and therefore rarely cut back or lay off workers. 

3. Increase in prices – When the government expands, they reduce the number of people looking for jobs, which increases the competition for hiring and increases the amount of money that businesses have to pay to hire the remaining available workers.  The increase in wages that business need to pay is eventually reflected in an increase in prices for the products produced by the business – further taxing everyone with higher prices of goods.

In Conclusion

Government jobs are a burden on society, not a benefit.  It’s far too easy to get excited about new government jobs without realizing that we all have to pay for these jobs through an increase in prices and taxes.

Government jobs do not create prosperity or produce wealth or stimulus the economy.  Government jobs, other than police, fire, governor, judge, etc. are only going to put the economy into a further tailspin.  The economy needs a break from too much government.

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