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I Would Prefer a 2009 Stimulus Check, To a Tax Deduction

By: Steve Johnson

3/12/2009 - 49 Comments

So let me see if I understand the new economic stimulus package. 

Instead of the $400 stimulus check in the mail, like we got in 2008 with the Bush stimulus plan, we are going to get a deduction of our taxes taken out of our paycheck.

If the average tax deduction is going to be about $12/week, which is $48/month and its going to start mid-summer, than I should get about $48x6 = $288 in 2009

That is less than the $400 I got last year and it took longer to get it, because last year I got my stimulus check by mid-summer.  Of course the Obama stimulus is also for 2010, so I should see another $12/week or $576 next year as the tax deduction continues.

Why is the Obama stimulus check smaller then the Bush stimulus check, when the Obama stimulus package is five times the Bush stimulus package ($787 billion compared to the Bush stimulus package of $150 billion)?

Shouldn't we be getting 5 times the amount of money we did with the Bush stimulus? And what if I get laid off from my job - as 4.4 million have been so far since the start of this recession?  Under the Bush plan, I would have still gotten my stimulus check. 

It seems to me that the Obama stimulus plan is primarily focused on social welfare (education, healthcare, foreign aid, military etc.), when it should be focused on stimulating the economy – and the money should have already been in the mail.  The Obama stimulus plan is a stimulus plan by name only.  The stock market has obviously seen through the BS and come to the same conclusion.

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