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By: Steve Johnson

3/10/2009 - 103 Comments

The other day I saw an interview with the CEO of When asked where the jobs were going to be he mentioned three industries that are most likely to be hiring in the next year.

These three industries don’t leave many choices, but they may be the only industries adding jobs to the economy for the next year.

  1. Health Care - Baby boomers are not getting any younger and there are a lot of them. Their healthcare needs will continue to grow as this large part of the population moves into their 60-70s.  The most likely growth will be related to surgeries and home-health services.  At the same time, healthcare is under a lot of pressure to cut costs and as the government gets more involved, it is unlikely to be a place for profit growth.  Half the hospitals are already losing money.  This is likely to place a high level of stress on the existing healthcare jobs.
  2. Education – The department of education is expected to continue its growth as government funding continues to increase. That means more administration and teaching jobs for k-12.  The high unemployment has also created an increase in college enrolment, although technical colleges are likely to become much more popular than 4-year universities because of lower costs and fewer funding options.  Personal development and business education is also going to be in high demand.  With respect to finances, the demand for personal finance advisors and budget counseling are increasing.  Recessions also lead to a wave of new small businesses, increasing interest in small business accounting and marketing.
  3. Information Technology – Make no mistake about it, this is still the information age and computers will remain an important business tool for every industry.  Although new development is likely to slow in both hardware and software, while support of existing systems is likely to grow.  Customer service for software support is likely to continue to create a lot of jobs.

The fourth biggest job creator that was mentioned was of course the government.  The government will be perhaps the largest job creator in 09, but the jobs are likely to be short-term as the money runs out.  The new stimulus package is targeted to create many jobs in construction, education and healthcare administration.

If you were forced out of your career because your industry suddenly collapsed and you had to pick one of these three, which one would you choose?

I would go with education.  Within the educational industry, I would first try to get a full-time teaching job at a community college with benefits. Then, I would try to grow my sales of personal finance information by publishing few new personal finance EBooks and marketing them on the Internet.  And third, I would start a mentoring program for new small businesses, knowing that the number of small businesses drastically increase during a recession and many of these new business owners need help creating an infrastructure from marketing-to-distribution to support their products.

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