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It Will Take a Revolution To Bring Back The American Dream

By: Steve Johnson

3/9/2009 - 55 Comments

The American Dream is slipping into the distance memory with the collapsing economy.

The policies of the Obama administration and the socialistic congress are a complete failure as the economy continues to sink into a deeper recession, and headed for a depression. 

The key to the revolution to save our nation will be the youth.  The very young people that have elected Obama and assured in his liberal polities are going to soon realize that their money and their very lives are the target. The young college students of today and their kids are targeted to pay for the current expansion of government. 

The Root Cause of the Recession

The root cause of the recession is the expansion of government over the last several decades. When Bush took office, he used the Federal Reserve to juice the economy out of the overspending of the Clinton years. By the end of the Bush years, the national deficit doubled, and we have little to show for it, namely two wars, the 9/11 attach and the largest natural disaster in the Katrina Hurricane. But, as if the Bush years of doubling the national debt were not bad enough, the Obama years look like we are going to see the national debt times 10.

A lot of people seem to be blindly accepting the policies of Obama administration as the ‘only way out of the recession’, yet the question they are forgetting to ask is, “Who is actually going to pay for this?”

Many people seem to be praising the 'free money' that Obama and congress are doling out, but nobody is going to be happy when they realize that YOU are going to have to pay for your neighbors mortgage.  And YOU are going to have to pay for your neighbor’s healthcare, retirement and education.

As proven throughout history, socialism is only capable of leading to economic decline.  As cruel as capitalism can be, it is the fairest system in the world and the most effective at leading a nation to prosperity.  Socialism promises that everyone will live well, but fails to deliver again and again. Capitalism doesn't promise anything but leads to the highest level of productivity and a lot of people to prosperity.

I recently read an interest article from someone to truly seems to understand that capitalism is what saved America and is the very foundation of the prosperity of our nation. This is what he said;

“The encouraging thing — and perhaps this too was inevitable — is that the right wing is getting its act together. It has suddenly discovered that economics matters. You can cheer on the hot wars, fight the culture wars, and crack down on political dissidents all you want. But in the end, what makes for the good society is a sound economy. Without it, all the rest falls apart.

Thus all our favorite conservatives are starting to make sense. The American Spectator is alarmed. Rush Limbaugh sounds like LRC. The American Conservative has temporarily dropped its love of protectionism to warn of dollar inflation. The love of war has gone AWOL at National Review. The Heritage Foundation is warning that government spending and taxation are driving us to ruin. Pat Buchanan is defending the free market!

Where were these people during the last eight years of Bush's misrule? Asleep or seeking preferment or something. It's not as if Obama caused this crisis; he is only making it worse. In any case, the Right has begun to turn to the side of truth and justice, precisely as they did during Clinton's rule, and this is all to the good, in general.”

I see the foundation of new platform forming as the economy has become the central issue of the nation. The most pressing issue for several years is going to be the economy. The nation is in desperate need of fiscal conservative government leadership.

The Coming Revolution

The only hope for America is not Obama, but revolution of the young people to rise up against the expansion of government that is robbing their future.  To do that, they are going to have to come of the understanding that they have been lied to by the very liberal higher educational system they have trusted and the radically liberal media into supporting the political agenda of socialism – which is in the process of robbing them bind.

The nation needs a revolution to reject the bait of socialism, the idea that we all deserve a free lunch with healthcare benefits – at the expense of our liberty and freedom as we become slaves to the lenders who are borrowing us the money to pay for these things.

The nation needs a moment in history where the lights come on and we realize that the best possible way to return our nation to prosperity is to turn back to capitalism, hard work and sound money.  The best way to bring back the American dream of owning a home and have a good job is through the reduction of government with lower taxes, which means a reduction in national debt and an expansion of small business. 

New Leaders

As unemployment continues to climb and the recession continues to deepen over the next year, I expect this coming revolution to start smoldering.  Ron Paul who has been talking about these things for decades is gaining popularity, although it will take many more leaders to rise up to support this vision across the nation.  Here is what Ron Paul had to say at the 35th Conservative Political Action Conference last week.

Ron Paul CPAC 2009 Part 1

Ron Paul CPAC 2009 Part 2

Ron Paul CPAC 2009 Part 3

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The Case Against the Fed

This book, written by Murray Rothbard, an economist and historian of fairly well known repute, is a scathing attack on not only the Federal Reserve, but the interests that created this institution. Rothbard explains how the Federal Reserve is the true source in the destruction of wealth, which has led to the destruction of the middle class and continues to sift money into the hands of the wealthiest.

How Capitalism Saved America

This book is an excellent presentation on the problems of government 'regulations' into free market mechanisms. This book illustrates simply and clearly how many chaotic economic problems were caused by interference from government regulations and how capitalism has overcome them. Master this book and you have overcome most of the bad economic thinking of our time. Government is the cause of capitalism failure.

The Revolution: A Manifesto

Dr. Ron Paul's THE REVOLUTION: A MANIFESTO is a concise and convincing argument for a return to America's libertarian principles. But the best and most important chapter, without a doubt, is Chapter 6, "Money: The Forbidden Issue in American Politics." Here Dr. Paul details the operations of the Federal Reserve System in stunning clarity. You see, the effects of inflation are not uniform -- the Fed System works as a wealth redistribution system from poor and middle-class to the rich and politically connected. This is the true cause of the increase in inequality and the diminishing middle class.