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If You Still Don’t Think Inflation Is Going to be a Problem Anytime Soon, Look at This

By: Steve Johnson

2/11/2009 - 71 Comments

Glenn Beck put together an interesting video last week to show how much the government is increasing the currency supply.

Yet, almost every economist today thinks that ‘deflation’ is going to be a problem like it was in the Great Depression.   The lower priced assets that are being sold at liquation prices are nothing but a head fake compared to the real problems that are just around the corner.

In a short periods of time, inflation is going to grow faster then ever before in America.  The politicians know its coming, the Federal Reserve know its coming and the congress know its coming – yet they are doing everything they can to prop up the economy under their watch – knowing that they are stealing money from the entire population. 

Genn Beck on printing money…

Inflation will become a major problem for the next decade as it was in the 70's as soon as the money that has been poured into the banking system makes its way into the economy.

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