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7 Most Dangerous Threats to America

By: Steve Johnson

1/30/2009 - 34 Comments

America has faced many great dangers in the world and perhaps this time is no greater than before. 

These are the 7 most dangerous threats that I see facing America right now.

1. A decline in the value of the dollar - The most dangerous variable in the global economy is if foreign nations stop lending money to the US (Japan, China). These nations need their savings to help their own economies. 

When this happens, the dollar could sink in value and America would face a major spike in inflation, while the rest of the world would see an decrease in prices of goods related to their currencies.

In the coming years, the prices of energy, food and metals could go through the roof. At least, history shows that each time governments printed money in the past, the consequence of sky-high inflation were sure to follow.

2. Hyperinflation – due to unbridled government borrowing and spending. The current condition is deflation - but that will probably only last until assets (houses, cars, retail) has been liquidated. Then, we could see massive inflation unlike anything we have seen for decades.  The governments’ response will be too little too late as they are more likely to increase the problems just as they created them.  Inflation will change the entire economy.

3. The desperate response of other nations to avoid national bankruptcy – wars, currency manipulations, trade embargoes, tariffs, price controls, wage freezes, commodity prices increases, etc. would all drastically complicate the management of the economy and frustrate the central planning of the Federal governments.

Several nations are getting dangerously close to national bankruptcy (Russia, Ireland, UK, Ecuador and Mexico) and its no telling what they will do once the government can no longer afford to affort to pay for civil police and emergengy services. The public unrest could unravel the political stability and force the US government to respond, which could further compound the problem and lead to more fear and confussion. 

4. Global financial and government systimatic takeover – The formation of the global financial system that in underway right now could enslave humanity.  If the dollar sinks, so will the support for freedom and true capitalism throughout the world. 

European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny recently said a ``tri-polar'' global currency system is developing between Asia, Europe and the U.S. and that he's skeptical the U.S. dollar's centrality can be revived.

The formation of the global financial system is taking advantage of the current global crisis in the name of stabilizing the world markets, while power is being pushed into a smaller number of people, which will likely result in a financial Caesar or a single person as the chairman of the global central bank.

Governments have little choice but to agree to the terms to give up their sovereign power of their central banks when the alternative is to go bankrupt.  Thomas Jefferson warned us about this, “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have”

Giving the government more control of the economy will not solve the problems.

5. Moral collapse – The decline of morality in America has been increasing for 50 years, since the rebellion of the 60’s.  Today, very few realize that we are actually rebelling against God. Our actions that have become a normal part of our culture and in direct contras to Gods instructions.  Just because we are not shaking our fist in the air at God and telling Him we are going to rebel against Him does not mean that we aren’t.  The removal of the Ten Commandments from public buildings and the removal of the bible from public schools are two of the most significant events that clearly illustrate our unwillingness to follow Gods rules or His influence.  The bible speaks clearly when describing what happens to a nation that rebellions against God.  Our hedge of protection has been removed.

6. Dropping education and wages – The decline of graduates from our public educational system has accelerated downward for many years, while the education of several nations that are rising in power like China and India have been increasing. This increase in education coupled with the rise of computers has created the wave of outsourcing that has forces many jobs out of the nation and is in the process of reducing the standard of living for all of America.  In a global economy, wages are a direct reflection of education, productivity and the value of foreign currencies (which have also been manipulated by foreign interests).  

7. Confusion and Fear – Confusion is settling in all over the world as fear and chaos is following close behind.  Confusion about the economy, confusion about what the government should do or shouldn’t do, confusion about who to trust, confusion about the tremendous perils that the world is facing, confusion about religion(s), confusion about the truth, confusion about moral judgment including the difference between right and wrong.

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