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Happy Blog B-Day #1

By: Steve Johnson

1/21/2009 - 21 Comments

On this day, January 21st, last year I posted my first article on this blog.  Today is this blogs first birthday.

What a year I picked to start a personal financial blog.  Stock markets around the world are down 40-70% over the year, which gave me an unlimited amount of information to process and write about.

At the same time, I feel like I’m just getting started. I have so much more to write about and discuss with my readers. 

I want to thank everyone for joining me in exploring the world of personal finance.  I would not have continued writing without your support.  Over the year, I wrote 280 articles while this blog increased by 20-40% per month, drawing 32,332 unique visitors and some 435,000 page views, reaching 40,000 page views last month. 

Next Year

This next year is going to get even more intense as the global recession is likely to create trade wars and currency manipulations as nations get more desperate and try to avoid national bankruptcy.  I can only expect the global recession to increase the need for more discussions about personal finances both in America and around the world.

So many things are changing, so many businesses are trying to adjust and so many new businesses will be needed to fill the gaps created by the drastic shifts in habits and patterns of consumers.  I hope you continue reading along with me as we wade through the economic challenges in front of our nation and the world. 

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