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We Need Obama’s Leadership

By: Steve Johnson

1/19/2009 - 105 Comments

Tomorrow Obama will become the next president of our great nation.

As always America and the world continue to change yet we look to the president of America to lead us through our current troubles. 

This is not the first or the last time that America and the world will be facing a major economy crisis, but it is certainly the largest financial crisis of this generation.

If you follow this blog, you will remember that I don’t agree with some of Obama’s ideas. My primary concern is with his moral judgment, because it has the potential to lead the nation to ruin. But, this article is not about that. 

Instead, I want to focus on Obama’s strengths and talk about why it is critical that we have a strong leader in this hour.  

The global recession is in the process of decimating the economy that we have build up for the last 60 years.  Obama’s greatest strength is his leadership. He is an excellent leader, perhaps the best we’ve see in many decades. 

The recession is going to demand the best of Obama’s leadership on a day to day basis. Obama is going to be tested by the world and the world is watching.  The expectations are so high, that he is expected to lead the entire world out of recession and back into prosperity.  As you can imagine, that is an impossible task. Yet he will need to be his best everyday. 

We need Obama to take in all the data, bring in all the experts and listen to the fools that got us into this mess along with the naysayers that have radical ideas to get us out.  We need Obama to look the nation in the eye and ask us to unite against the recession to cut back on our standard of living for the good of our nation and the world.

We need Obama to inspire our government leaders to take political risks in search of financial solutions.  We need Obama to convince our business leaders to take business risks in search of new products to meet the needs of the world.  We need Obama to motivate the youth to put hard work at the top of their agenda. We need Obama to support the churches that are about to flood with people looking for help.  We need Obama to lead our nation out of debt and into savings. 

Who better for this job then Obama?  God has given him his amazing gift of leadership for such a time as this and we are fortunate to have him as our president.  Pray for the leadership of our nation and especially thank God for our President. 

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