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I’m With China On This One

By: Steve Johnson

2/22/2008 - 28 Comments

The Chinese government may be communist, but at least they are protecting their society from harmful content on the Internet.

Internet Censoring

China has asked all domestic websites to sign a voluntary pact with the government to self-censor their content to ensure a ‘healthy and orderly’ cyberspace.  This move is part of the government’s efforts to prevent content deemed harmful or subversive from getting into the public domain.  They hope to eliminate content that pose a danger to their society.  Content with pornography, violence and gambling can only break down the fundamental fabric of society, increasing crime and poverty.

Reference Article: China asks Web sites to eradicate porn, violence

Freedom of Speech

In America, we don’t allow the government to sensor the Internet because it would be in direct violation against the first amendment – protecting freedom of speech.  The danger with protecting free speech is when a culture loses its moral foundation.  America is slowly becoming a danger to itself as we lose our moral foundation.  Our government system relies on a moral people. Without morality, capitalism does not work. As the public becomes less and less moral, the government loses its ability to protect the people.

When governing an immoral people that no longer believe in ‘right from wrong’ or ‘evil’ or ‘sin’ or ‘the ten commandments’, you need a dictatorship.  The reason America was the greatest county in the world is because it was based on a limited government, which allowed for a highly productive population aspiring to out-produce every other nation in the world.  America was able to have a limited government because the population was self-governing – as a Christian nation united under God, believing in the ten-commandments and loving our neighbors.

Over the decades, America has seen a drastic decline in morality, to the point where we are tearing down the ten-commandments from all public building.  We no longer believe,

  1. have no other gods before me
  2. make no idols
  3. don’t speak Gods’ name in vain
  4. remember the Sabbath day
  5. honor your father and mother
  6. thou shall not kill
  7. thou shall not commit adultery
  8. thou shall not steal
  9. thou shall lie
  10. thou shall not covet

If America believed in these things, we could eliminate the many government regulations that have been passed over the decades to protect ourselves from ourselves.  For example, we wouldn’t need welfare if we loved our neighbor and gave out of our abundance to the poor.  That’s what we did when America started – and it’s much more efficient then taxing everyone and filtering the money through the high paid government before giving it to the poor.  Our high tax and high regulated government system has reduced our productivity to the point where we no longer can compete with the communist countries of the world.

Some people, like Ron Paul, realize that our government is costing our country too much money. But, we can’t just remove the tax and regulations without having a high concentration of moral people – otherwise corruption and greed with run rampant.  We first need the public to return to its moral foundations and this is not likely to happen because no one understands the financial impact of a moral society.  No one really wants to believe in God and sin anymore, because humanity is fundamentally corrupted.  As the Bible says, there is no good is us. Without a believe system to guide us, every nation will eventually lead to its own destruction.

China’s Leverage

In a morally declining world, a communist government has an advantage – if it realizes the negative impacts of the evils of this world.  They can limit the exposure of its public to the destructive evils like, pornography, violence and gambling to protect their society from imploding.  America does not have this leverage.  America can only create more regulations and more taxes which only put further financial burdens on our nation. 

More Government or Less

The presidential debate is mostly about more government or less government.  The Republicans want less government and the Democrats want more.  Neither is going to help, without addressing the core issue that the government of America is incapable of governing an immoral people – without leading us to bankruptcy. 

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