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Recommended Books for Starting a Business

By: Steve Johnson

12/5/2008 - 29 Comments

If the economy has got you down and you are considering starting your own business next year, then add this book series to your Christmas list.

These three books have a lot of information that will get your new business rolling. 

The first book is about getting started. "The Small Business Start-Up Kit"  Its a step-by-step legal guide that will walk your through your options and help you to chose the best business structure for you product or service. 

The second book is about setting up your business model. "Working for Yourself". It will get you thinking about your three primary business functions; 1) your suppliers, 2) crafting your product or service, 3) and finally delivering to your customers. 

The author discusses the "hobby loss" rule and how unprofitable businesses can be denied deductions after three consecutive years of losses. However, Fishman points out that if you can show that you really are trying to make money, losses in excess of the typical three years can be allowed.

The third book is about tax deductions. "Home Business Tax Deductions".  This is my favorite book because I use it every year. 

The primary benefit of this book is that it gives you the confidence to take the deductions that you deserve and qualify for.  Sometimes people simply don’t deduct their expenses because they are afraid of a tax audit.  But, this book will give you the confident to take the deductions that you deserve.

Remember, tax evasion is a crime, not tax avoidance.  If is perfectly legal to take all legitimate deductions and plan your business purchases to optimize your deductions. You can bet that your competitors will and therefore within carefully planning your deductions your competitors will have an advantage.   
If you plan on starting a business in the near future this three books can be very handy.

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Street Smart Internet Marketing

Street Smart Internet Marketing is one of the best books for understanding how to market products on the Internet. Justin provides some of the best methods about selling and marketing information on the Internet. The book goes over topics like email and newsletter marketing, along with explaining how search engines work. The best is chapter 30, which is about writing articles for the Internet. Justin gives insight into how to create articles that are read and what not to do. The last part of the book Justin explains how to create an eBook in 30 days or less and finishes with a great discussion on creating an affiliate program.

Crossing the Chasm

This book is primary about moving from high tech products from early market success to mainstream market leadership. But, this book explains many of the concepts of moving a business from the starting gate into the marketplace. If you are trying to start a new business, this book will be very useful. This book talks about, attacking a niche market, creating competition, start locally – then globally, building relationships and many others aspects of getting started.

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant

Blue Oceans are markets of non-consumers with no other competing products – unlike Red Oceans that are bloody full of competitors. This is a must read book for anyone considering starting a new business. This book provides a practical framework and analysis for the systematic pursuit and capture of new markets.

Developing The Leader Within You

Success is about leadership. Leadership is about integrity. Integrity is about trust. Trust comes from rewarding, believing in and helping the people around you. This book will help you uncover the leader within you and give you the keys to identifying leaders and how to build a team around a leader.