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Recession Will Lead To Stronger Marriages

By: Steve Johnson

12/4/2008 - 16 Comments

Money is the primary reason many couples end up getting a divorce, which is why a recession could be good for marriage. 

With no money to fight over and the basic needs of food and rent becoming the primary concern, couples will find themselves needing each other to battle the recession.   The divorce rate has increased over the past decade until recently leveling off.  But a deep recession is likely to increase the need for couples to get married and stay together.  Marriage is the most important foundation of society because everything is built on the family unit. 

The strongest marriages in America history resulted from the Great Depression of the 30’s.  The culture of the 40’s and 50’s respected marriage as the foundation of society.  It wasn’t until the culture movements of the 60’s that marriage started to give way to the new culture of rebellion.

Marriage is still the most important building block of any society and the stronger our marriages are the stronger the nation and economy will be.  Perhaps the most important element of America has been the strength of our families.

Even divorce couples are likely to get back together in time of need, as was the case in this article yesterday, “Couples staying together because of poor economy


Education is the foundation of a strong nation in the global economy of today. The strength behind Americas' once strong educational system was its strong families that were very involved in the educational process. Fifty years ago, when Americas' educational system was leading the world, strong families with committed parents were the backbone of our children’s education.  Parents used to teach their children about authority and respect for teachers, and what is right and wrong and they used to back it up with discipline.  Today children are fatherless and abandoned at the door of our schools which have also been severely limited in their role of authority.

America needs to overhaul its educational system and it will – because the leaders will eventually realize why we are losing ground in a recession with a sinking currency and very little products to sell to the world.  The once strong America educational system is no longer producing highly educated workers – and therefore cannot be paid high wages. But, when our leaders focus on our educational system, they need to understand that more government oversight and more money will not be effective - just as it has not been.  The family unit is at the center of our educational process, which is fundamental for our economic recovery.

One of the best strategies for economic recovery that the government could execute is to fund organizations that support the family.  Like, Dr. Dobson’s, “Focus on the Family” ministry.  If central (government) economic planning does not work, as has been proven throughout history and strengthening the family unit within a society has been proven to increase the prosperity of a society, then our government should stop looting taxpayers to fund bailouts and start supporting ministries like “Focus on the Family.” 

If this organization was fully supported, it could reverse the trend in education which would lead the US back to the superpower status that we are losing.


If we are going to rebuild the economy in America, we are going to have a fight for it.  Nobody is going to give us new jobs.  The government is already over their head with debt and getting deeper every day.  It’s time to focus on what’s important and realize that we need strong families to build strong businesses, strong churches, strong governments and strong leaders to lead the world out of this global recession. 

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