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Why We Should Not Give More Control of the Economy to the Government

By: Steve Johnson

11/25/2008 - 1160 Comments

In short – no matter what they do, they will not be able to stop the recession and most of their efforts will make it worse. 

The American public has put its faith on the shoulders of President-Elect Obama and the congress to turn around the economy, with little understanding of what the real problem is.  The real problem is government.  That’s right, too much government with too high of taxes and too many promises that cannot be kept.

Based on the exit polls, the reasoning for voting for Obama was that under President Bush, the national deficit has increased while the economy has decreased.  Therefore, we need a big change and McCain is not enough of a change.  Although this is true, the change we really need is less government and lower taxes, which is the exact opposite of the agenda of the Obama administration.

Obama’s plan is to drastically expand government because he believes that more government is the solution to the economy crisis.  He believes that we can create 2-3 million jobs (government jobs) by creating a new energy policy.  He believes we can fix the educational system by increasing the funding (to our failing school system). He believes in reducing the military spending in Iraq and increasing it in Afghanistan.  He believes in expanding government into a national healthcare program, adding many levels of government management and oversight so that everyone will have health insurance and we will all share the cost to pay for it - rather than our current system, which provided health care for everyone whether they have health insurance or not.  He believe is reducing the profits of highly profitable industries like oil and pharmaceuticals companies, which will only further reduce the number of high paying jobs in America, as these companies will surely move over sees to avoid these new policies.

Here are a few key reasons not to give the government more control of the economy;

    1. It is unlikely that they will give it back
    2. They are the primary cause of the economy crisis
    3. Their programs to help the economy will create larger problems

Obama’s policies, like Bush’s, will cause the Treasury department and the Federal Reserve to find the money to pay for these programs.  Allan Greenspan has recently admitted that his monetary policies were not wise and led to the housing bubble that is now at the center of the global economy collapse, yet under pressure from congress and the President, Greenspan had to do what he did to keep the easy money coming to fund the wars while congress continued to expand its entitlement and housing programs.

The new government would like to stop the following economy issues that are plaguing our economy.

    1. Stop housing prices from dropping
    2. Stop home foreclosures
    3. Stop job loss
    4. Stop consumer confidence from dropping
    5. Stop GDP from dropping – the measure of a recession/depression

Yet, the more involved they become the bigger these problems become.

As stated before, the real problem is government.  Therefore the solution cannot be more government.  What we really need to a fiscal conservative like Ronald Reagan, to reduce the governments burden on our society.  It’s not too late, we the people can petition the congress to change their spending ways and shut down many of the government programs that we cannot afford at this time.  No government likes to contract and our government continues to cover up their massive failures in running the economy into the ground.

If we don’t stop the government, we will end up with a worthless currency and hyperinflation, which is our current path.  The alternative, as mentioned by Greenspan in his address to congress a few weeks ago, is much higher taxes, massive benefit cuts, the printing of more Federal Reserve paper money, or national bankruptcy.

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