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How Much Does The Media Influence An Election?

By: Steve Johnson

11/18/2008 - 42 Comments

It seems like this question gets asked after every election, but this time the results are astounding. 

Tonight I watched a new study featured on Hannity and Colmes, which can also be see at

The study reveals some interest results.  Especially in regards for how informed the voters actually are and where they get their information from.  The twelve voters interviewed where chosen because they were willing and were confident that they were informed.

The video summary can been seen here; 

Now, put this together with the recent report by the Project for Excellence Journalism, showing a major media bias for Obama by the major media networks.  It appears like we have a proven system for winning an election in America.   Obama enjoyed nearly 50% more coverage.

Favorable press has a lot of influence.  Over the last few decades, the press has been leaning farther and farther to the left, but the educated population has always trumped their bias by researching the issues on their own - until now.  It seems as if the failing educational system has empowered the media like never before.   The influence of the media along with the failing educational system has created the perfect combination of poorly educated populous whose vote has been guided by the most influential in our society.  If you own the media among a poorly educated populous, you win. 

There is a lot of talk about how the Republican Party should refocus on its core issues to rebuild and prepare for the next elections, but given the current condition it may be a better idea to create a plan to gain control of the media networks.  

Ok, so what does this have to do with personal finance?  Everything, because the ideas of McCain and Obama with respect to the economy are radically different.  I was hoping that we the people voted with those ideas in mind. One of Obama's favorite lines of his campaign was 'are you better off today then you were 4 years ago'. 

The fact is that many people are better off today then they were 4 years ago, yet after 1 week of Obama's election, almost everyone is already a lot worse off because of the stock market collapse. Obama's ideas have not brought the confidence to the market that we need. The Democrates have also gained control of the congress, yet Wall Street has shown little faith in their leadership. 

We have elected the wrong party with the wrong ideas at the wrong time, and we did it with little regard for making an educated vote.  The economy is going to be a disaster. Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

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