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Why Obama's Goal to Reduce Inequality Will Not Work

By: Steve Johnson

10/29/2008 - 48 Comments

The goal to eliminate inequality is impossible to achieve by government intervention in trying to plan the economy, even when the goal is reduced to minimizing inequality.

The path of government intervention in the economy to try to reduce inequality has failed countless times throughout history and along the way has led to socialism and government enslavement, as the government takes a larger and larger role in managing the economic production of a nation, while strangling the small business sector.

Obama has done an excellent job at marketing the ‘victim mentality’ by persuading the poor and middle class to believe that he can help them.  But, they don't realize they are falling for a trap. The plan do redistribute the wealth will cost them their freedoms and enslave them to the government.  Obama has used his cunning speaking ability to persuade the public that all we need is a new tax policy to turn things around.  While it's true we are losing the middle class, it's not because of our tax policy.

We are losing our middle class because of decades of globalization, government expansion, massive overconsumption and the degradation of morality – do to the ambitions of our rebellion against God, which has removed God from our governments, schools and severely weakened our churches. 

We teach evolution to our youth today, which is removing our foundation of hope and faith in God.  Evolution is a fraud that is destroying our nation because it has no hope and no future.  The complete comprehension of the theory of evolution is that their is no purpose, no cause, no hope, no loving god and no reason to live. Believing this lie is bad enough, but teaching it is perhaps the most destructive thing any nation could do to itself. 

Evolution cannot produce kindness and goodwill for each other, because it has no hope.  Evolution cannot produce anything other than greed, selfishness and covetedness, which are the same things that perpetuate ‘victim mentality’.  Victim mentality leads people to shift their hope and trust to the government, yet the government is incapable of providing for us.  God is the only one that is worthy of our trust and capable of providing for us.

Perhaps the best way to help the poor and reduce inequality is to increase the morality of the culture so that the rich feel compelled to help and give to the poor.  Just as evolution cannot produce love for one another, taking money from people by increasing taxes through government expansion cannot produce equality or even reduce it. The only result that expanding the government is capable of producing is social unrest and the bankruptcy of the nation – as many other nations have experienced throughout history.

Solving Inequality

The only proven solution to inequality is an increase in morality and an increase in small business development.  Morality coupled with small business, produces honest business leaders that care for their employees and employees that work very hard for their employers.  This mutual respect and honest business practices, guided by morality, can out producing any other economic strategy.  What America needs more than anything is a revolution to turn the faith of the people back to God and a drastically smaller government.  

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