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Larry Burkett Was Right

By: Steve Johnson

10/27/2008 - 63 Comments

Larry Burkett wrote the book ‘The Coming Economic Earthquake’ in 1994, explaining that without a drastic change in direction, the US was headed for a deep depression.

The events that have lead our nation into the financial crisis that we now face, were not as Larry thought it was going to play out, but where we are today is about one year away from Larry’s prognosis of a complete collapse.

“All attempts to establish a time is purely guesswork. … Only when we get within one year of a major economic collapse will the indicators be clear. … It should be noted here that the printing of money to pay the government’s bills will be one of the last, and certainly the most desperate, measures because of the potential severity of the consequences. … I cannot project timing very well but, in the long run, true economic principles take over. … Our single hope of economic recovery resides in the America entrepreneur’s ability to see a need and fill it.”

I wish Larry was alive today to watch his predictions come to past and give the financial community some badly needed advice. Larry says that the government will do anything to avoid the meltdown, but many of their tactics will only delay the inevitable correction.  True indicators will only be clear when we are within one year of the major economic collapse as national banks and investment firms begin failing.

Get ready for the big one, because Larry had a vision for what we are facing today from over 20 years ago.

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