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Introducing My New Education Blog

By: Steve Johnson

10/20/2008 - 14 Comments

In an effort to expand my voice on the Internet, I have started another blog on a new subject that I am also very passionate about.

I started this blog last month and waited to get a few good articles before I started marketing it.  My new blog is called ‘Save Money Homeschooling’, with corresponds with the ebook I wrote in February called ‘Save Money Homeschooling’. 

Homeschooling has been increasing at a rate of 7-12% for the last 8 years, primarily because of the decline in the quality of the public education system.   We have been homeschooling our two oldest children for five years now.

If you examine the homeschooling lifestyle, you will realize that it has some very unique financial benefits.  Those financial benefits are what my ebook and this new blog are all about.  If you don’t homeschool your children or plan to in the future, you may be surprises to learn about how homeschooling can have so many financial benefits when most people only think of homeschooling as having a negative financial impact – like living on a single-income. 

With or without homeschooling, education reform is going to be a big issue in the next presidential administration.  Sen. John McCain has said that education is "the civil rights issue of this century," at the Republican National Convention last month.

Education reform is definitely a major issue, especially when considering the need for a higher educated population to compete in the global economy. 

Education is one the most expensive products on the face on the earth, as every nation is constantly looking for ways to increase the education of their population, which translates into an increase in their economy output.  It is this connection from money to education that draws me into the discussion to find ways to improve education at a lower cost – and my analysis had led me to realize just how efficient homeschooling really is.

If you are interested in education, especially the financial benefits of homeschooling, then I invite you to read along with me on my new blog.  Save Money Homeschooling.

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