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By: Steve Johnson

10/9/2008 - 37 Comments

Somehow over the course of many years, our culture has replaced our founding fathers understanding that God will take care of us, with the idea that government will take care of us.

Over the last few decades, we as an entire people have forgotten that God is our provider and by default have accepted the government as a replacement. 

The problem with our government replacement is that it cannot be trusted like God could and is incapable of providing or protecting us.

Governments have failed the world since the beginning of time.  It is amazing how quickly a nation can find a replacement to put their hope in.  When I read stories like this in the Bible, I always find myself thinking, ‘that would never happen to us’.  Like the story about the Israelites in the early years, when God miraculously rescued them from slavery, only to find them turning to Moses for help a few days later when they are up against the Red sea – and then a little time later they are unwilling to trust God in securing the promise land.     

The presidential debate Tuesday night didn’t seem to change anything or reveal anything new.  But, I did find something very disturbing.  People all over the nation seem to be more and more mesmerized by Obama’s personality, while ignoring his voting record or the implication of his radical ideas of socialism.  I cannot put my finger on it, but the culture seems to be saying, “We don't need God. Obama will take care of all of us.”

I’m not saying that Obama is the problem, some of McCain's ideas are just as questionable, but unchecked faith in Obama alone is a very dangerous place for us all.  This is a very dangerous mindset regardless of the leader. Obama will fail, I guarantee it. He is not a savior, but a politician. The politicians have already failed and led the nation to the edge of another Great Depression.  The government has failed and we will all pay for their failure. The pending recession looks more and more likely to become an inflationary depression because of the governments ongoing intervention.

Replacing God with government is a big mistake. The victim minded thinking that goes along with this idea has been a big mistake. We need a nation-wide break from these false ideas and our leaders should be the first to tell us the truth.  The truth that life is not fair and the minute we start believe that it should be fair - we are in trouble. Yet, our presidential candidates continue to use terms like, “it’s not fair” – the American people should not have to … 

Our society has come to the understanding that Americans deserve to have it easy. Many feel that homeownership is a right in America and that saving for a home is just too hard for many families to do. Yet, it’s the discipline that is gained in the process of saving for a home that is vitally needed to turn the economy around.

We are only hurting ourselves further by bailout out people that have not made sound money decisions. We are weakening the value of sound money management education and the likelihood of sound money practices being taught to the next generation. We are discouraging the very thing that is critical to rebuild America – hard work and faith in God.

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