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Time To Load Up On Gold

By: Steve Johnson

9/24/2008 - 28 Comments

The stock market is beginning to show major stress and the dollar is not looking much better.

The question that everyone is asking is, “where is the safe place to put your money?”  Gold is the answer.  There is a herd of investors that are about to load billions of dollars into Gold is an effort to preserve their wealth.  Gold it’s an asset like a business or a building or a bank.  Gold it’s something that returns a dividend and it doesn’t produce a profitable product.  Gold is money, real money that the central banks of the world cannot easily increase or decrease in volume or value.

If you have not noticed yet, Gold is up over $100 last week and will probably continue to rise for years to come.  The massive amount of money that will need to be printed in the next few years to cover the financial crisis will continue to push the price of Gold up.  I’m sure it won’t go up in a straight line, but it has little choice in the matter.  The supply/demand will relentlessly push up its price. 

If you don’t believe me, just watch and see.  I just wish I had a million dollars to invest in Gold before it hits a really big day.  Doubling $5 dollars is not as exciting as doubling a million dollars.  Gold could get to $5000 / ounce over the next few years.

Here is an article I wrote a few months back about Gold, Gold May Rise to $5000 per Ounce.

I am not a licensed investor or a professional financial planner, so please talk to a legal professional before making any financial decisions. 

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