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Let Obama Win - To Prove Socialism Is a Bad Economic Strategy?

By: Steve Johnson

8/29/2008 - 43 Comments

I came across a very interesting strategy yesterday about how to get a good president.

The idea is that the American public needs to see the failures of Collective Socialism though experience, so they can realize that it does not work and turn from it.

The article where I found this idea, explained the idea like this ;

“I believe four years of Barack Obama will be terrible for America – in the short term. But the suffering we will experience as a result of his governance could prove to be very positive – in the long term. Why? For the same reason the Jimmy Carter years were terrible in the short term and positive in the long term.

Obama's policies of taxing and spending and clamping down on freedom in health care and other areas will prove massively unpopular when Americans see them fail as these discredited ideas always do. Obama and the Democrats will try to blame past administrations for the problems, just as Jimmy Carter tried to do. They will try to blame the people, just as Jimmy Carter tried to do. But with Democrats running Congress and the White House, it will be easy for Americans to see who is to blame.

I can almost promise you Barack Obama will not be elected to a second term. He will, in all likelihood, just like Jimmy Carter, pave the way for a real Republican president in 2012 – if indeed there is one in the wings.
On the other hand, let's pretend John McCain wins the presidency in 2008. In all likelihood, there will still be a Democrat-dominated Congress. While U.S. policies under McCain and a Democrat Congress will be nearly equally disastrous, it will be the Republican president who bears the brunt of the blame in 2012. Guess what we'll get then? We'll get Barack Obama anyway. Or, perhaps, Hillary Clinton.”

As the Democratic convention concluded last night, with Obama’s speech painting McCain as nothing but more of the same, Obama stressed his mission to help the little guy by expanding government programs and increasing the tax on the rich.

Obama’s ideas feed off the vicious cycle of victim mentality, begins with convincing a large segment of the populace that they are victims. This policy buys votes, as the newly anointed victims support those who champion their cause of "get me more money." 

Yet, throughout history time and time again socialism has failed while capitalism has succeeded.  The entire global expansion of the last decade in emerging nations like China, India and Japan, have been a direct result of global competition and free market enterprise. The nations that have expand their socialistic ideas, like Europe and France; have seen the least amount of growth while there debts have swelled.

I’m not sure about this idea to let Obama win just to prove a point. The fact of the matter is that globalization has run its course and America has to compete with the rest of the world for jobs and resources. The government cannot change that and changing to socialism is only going to increase our economic problems. This is not the change that we need.

The change we do need is America to cut back on consumption and debt. We need leaders that understand this and can effectively communicate it.

Perhaps one of the best explanations of how to save America can be found is Thomas J. Dilorenzo book, "How Capitalism Saved America".

How Capitalism Saved America: The untold history of our country  

"How Capitalism Saved America"



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