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This Week’s Money Carnivals

By: Steve Johnson

8/16/2008 - 10 Comments

This week I participated in three money blog carnivals.

Carnival of personal finance #165 hosted by No Debt Plan, Money Hack's Carnival #25 hosted by The Personal Financier, Carnival of Money Stories #72 hosted by Broke Grad Student.

They did an excellent job and, as usual, there are tons of great posts. If you have the time, I highly suggest you skim through this week’s carnivals.

Carnival of Personal Finance

The Carnival of Personal Finance continues to grow with each edition. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible.

Our article, "Why Investing in a 401k is a Bad Idea" was listed.

Money Hacks Carnival

The Money Hacks Carnival is growing into a very good carnival. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible.

Our article, "Trick Yourself into Saving Money" was listed.

Carnival of Money Stories

The Carnival of Money Stories is always a great place to read about how others are responding to money. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible.

Our article, "How Do You Know When You Are About to See a Bailout?" was listed.

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