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Introducing The Finance Blog Network

By: Steve Johnson

8/11/2008 - 23 Comments

Let me introduce you to the new blog network focused on delivering more information about personal finance.

Today is the day we launch ‘The Finance Blog Network’.

The goals of this new network are to further expand and deliver more insightful personal finance information to the blogosphere.  We are launching the network with three initial core members:  Kyle from Amateur Asset Allocator, Andy from Saving To Invest, and I. We chose to start with three core members, but will be expanding both our core and Associate membership in the coming weeks/months. 

Our vision is to provide additional value to the blogosphere, through multiple efforts like group writing projects, group debates, open membership and other advanced features. If you would like to join our network, please check out the guidelines and contact us via the provided contact form.

If you would like to watch our progress, you can subscribe to our RSS feed or visit our website at The Finance Blog Network.

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