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I Have Upgraded My RSS Feed

By: Steve Johnson

7/24/2008 - 50 Comments

It has come to my attention that my RSS feed was not adequate.

I have realized that my RSS feed is lacking in features compared to other bloggers. I did a little research and found the most common features of RSS feeds.

1. 10-30 articles
2. Full article content
3. Date-time of posting
4. Related images
5. Related articles links
6. Link to comments

Before upgrading, my RSS feed was only showing 7 articles, partial content, no date-time of posting, no images, no related articles links and no link to comments.

As of Yesterday my RSS feed now included all of these features with 30 articles. The reason I didn’t think to upgrade my RSS feed sooner was because I was using to consume my RSS feed and it was only showing the title of the my last five articles anyway. But now I realize that many RSS readers display the entire content of the article and my partial-content RSS feed was not showing enough useful information.

During my research I also noticed that many of the leading pf bloggers have many of these features and are publishing at least 20 articles.

I’m curious if anyone else has ever been frustrated by a RSS feed or has an opinion about how many articles to publish. 

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