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Last Week's Money Carnivals

By: Steve Johnson

7/6/2008 - 15 Comments

Our article, "Indian Style Living" was listed in the Carnival of Personal Finance #159 last Money.

The Carnival of Personal Finance continues to grow with each edition. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible. You can read through the list of article at Carnival of Personal Finance #159.

Here are a few other articles that I found interesting.


Also, our article, "How I got an Additional $180 with my Stimulus Check" was listed in the Money Hacks Carnival #19: The Independence Edition.

The Money Hacks Carnival is growing into a very good carnival. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible. You can read through the list of article at Money Hacks Carnival #19.

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Raising Money Smart Kids

With each generation the children seem to have more money available to them than their parents. With this should come responsibility and learning how to spend or save wisely. The problem is that most just learn to spend as soon as they get it, get it by begging parents or an allowance with no responsibilities involved or similar. Enter Janet Bodnar, deputy-editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, mother of three, and writer of the Money Smart Kids column in Kiplinger Magazine. This book is provides a framework within which parents can use good common sense to handle any situation.

Living Rich by Spending Smart

Mr. Karp provides quick, easy to read, practical tips for smart spending choices. This isn't a book about saving for investing; it’s about making purchase decisions wisely and with purpose. What's more important than taking control of spending habits? Practical advice, easy to adopt changes for sound money management. Easy read with great tips, this book pays for itself in ONE day!

How to Save Money Every Day

Ellie Kay has done it again! In her new book "How to Save Money Every Day," Ellie will have you laughing (literally!) all the way to the bank with the money you'll save following her tips. What makes Ellie's advice so extraordinary is that in many ways it's so...well...ordinary! This is practical stuff anyone can put into practice every day in every area of life.

Working From Home

This is the altimate guide for how to start a home business. Full of ideas and tips. Working from home increases productivity by 15 to 20 percent. What better way to complete in the global economy. One great idea is to build a network of small home businesses with whom to trade services with.