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By: Steve Johnson

6/20/2008 - 37 Comments

Now that the economy is in the toilet, many people will be looking for advice. Personal financial planners and budgeting tools are in high demand.

Most personal financial planners have one-on-one visits with their clients, but maybe this is a good time to launch a new service like a ‘Virtual Money Saving Expert’.

The demand can be seen from the 9% increase in personal financial blog traffic so far this year, as noted in an article I wrote a few weeks ago.

Half a Million Reasons to be a Personal Financial Blogger

Here is an idea of the how this might work:

People who need help with their personal finances could sign up for 3-months at a time for direct advice from experts from within the personal financial blogosphere.  I do not have all the answers, but together the personal financial blogosphere could probably answer any question.  I could setup a new website or create a separate section on this blog for the interaction to take place.  I could collect the money from each client with Paypal at the time they sign up.  Then, I could create a system that would pay the bloggers that answered the question by participating by adding comments.  Bloggers would of course have to provide their Paypal account so that deposits could be made to them for their assistance.

What do you thing?  Would this work? Is there enough interest? Would the personal financial bloggers participate? What problems could arise?

I'm floating this idea to try and get some feedback before I give it a go. Maybe I'm not the best person to set this up. Maybe one of the top personal financial blogs wants to start something like this. I'm open to many ideas. What do you thing?

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