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Perot Charts

By: Steve Johnson

6/16/2008 - 77 Comments

The master of financial charts, Ross Perot, has just launched a new website to help education the America public about the US economic crisis that we now face.

Here are a few of the opening comments on the website,

Why this web site now? Because we are running out of time.
The American people must wake up and face the reality that promises made in the past will soon bankrupt this nation.

The United States faces large and growing budget deficits mostly due to an aging population and rising healthcare costs. Unless we solve the problems caused by entitlement spending, there will be little money left to do anything else in the future. Over time, our standard of living, our national security, our standing in the world and the value of our currency could all be threatened. The sooner we confront these issues, the better. This presentation explains the problems. addresses many issues, including; Budget Deficit, Education, Federal Budget, Gross Domestic Product, Healthcare and Medicaid, Population, Savings, Social Security and Taxes. also has a blog section for readers to comment and discuss these issues. The primary culprit for the economic crisis is the federal government, which has led us into a 9.4 trillion dollar deficit that is increasing by more than 1 billion dollars a day.

The only thing that is missing is any mention of consumer debt, which is now over $100,000 per household.  Check it out! What do you think?

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