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Listed in Carnival of Personal Finance #156

By: Steve Johnson

6/15/2008 - 23 Comments

Our article, "Housing Could Fall 20 Percent More" was listed in the Carnival of Personal Finance last Monday.

The Carnival of Personal Finance continues to grow with each edition. Thanks to everyone that participated and made this possible. 

Here are a few other articles that I found interesting.

  • FFB from Free From Broke presents Will The Economic Stimulus Payments Have To Be Paid Back, and says, “The IRS says the payments will not have to be paid back. I think otherwise.”

  • AJC from How to make $7 million in 7 years presents The Myth of Diversification, and says, “Diversification: the mantra of personal finance. But, is diversification really the best strategy? The World’s Greatest Investor says “No!”"

You can read through the list of article at Carnival of Personal Finance #156.

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