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Why Advertise With Us? 

Web advertising is a great way to reach customers, as the Internet continues to reduce the cost of marketing while providing more control of delivering ads to targeted customers.

  • had 50,000 page views for the last several months with an average growth rate of 20% over the last year.
  • The secrete behind our growth is our focus on unique and useful information that is helping people around the world save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The personal finance blogosphere grew at a rate of 108% in 2008, as shown in this article: Half a Million Reasons to be a Personal Financial Blogger.

Advertising Options

1.  Text Links

  • We offer Text Links on any page, including the home page
  • $20/month.

2.  Small box 125x125 banner ads

  • Small box banners are on the top right home page (not shown on every page)
  • $20/month

3. Medium Rectangle 300x250 banner ad

  • Large 300x250 ad on home page or on article pages (limited animation is acceptable)
  • $50/month

4. WideSkyscrapper 160x600 ad

  • Large 160x600 ad on article pages (limited animation is acceptable)
  • $50/month

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