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About Us

Updated: October 15, 2008

The goal of this blog is to improve your financial outlook by helping you find new ways to save and make money. We do this by providing timely and insightful information regarding the rapid changes in the economy.

To reach this goal, we focus on four key categories;

  1. What is going on with the economy,
  2. How to budget and save money,
  3. What new markets are going to create jobs and investment opportunities,
  4. How to start a business and create your own job

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Everything is changing. As the economy continues into recession, entire industries may collapse and need to be rebuilt. We aim to tell the truth about the state of the economy, as gloomy as it is. But, we don't stop there. We warn you about industries that are in trouble and aggressively look for new markets that are creating new jobs - so that you can position yourself into a career or an investment that is likely to improve your financial outlook.

Our strategy is to provide information about how to save and make money. Our readers can save money by gaining a better financial education, learning how to save, budget and plan their financial future. Our readers can also make money by starting a new business or getting a job in an emerging market. It's going to take a bold new generation of entrepreneurs to lead the way to financial stability while competing in the global economy.

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If you are just discovering this blog, I suggest that you start by reading through the 'Best of PennyJobs' on our home page. Those articles will give you some of our most valuable and practical information.

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 About the Author

First and foremost, I am a free market economist. 

I have developed a deep understanding of the value of the free market and realize that the only way to economic prosperity is through the promotion of free market capitalism.


I am very concerned for the economic confusion that has engulfed the central banks of the world and the majority of economic institutions that no longer teach free market capitalism and have instead turned to teaching pure socialism, anti-capitalism Keynesian economics - which is basically a madman's idea of borrowing and spending your way to prosperity.  

How I See the World

History proves that Keynesian economics only leads to bankruptcy and free market capitalism leads to prosperity. Yet, central banks and governments around the world are becoming more Keynesian every day. 

In response to the global recession, many nations have turning to Keynesianism while others have turning away from it. The nations that turn from this madness will rule the financial world in the next generation.

The Rise of the Global Economy has happen so fast that political globalization has struggled to keep up, as the perception of wealth is changing faster than government monetary policies can manage - and there is no going back. The currencies of the world are intrinsically linked and dependent on each other for global financial stability. Monetary policy, Interest rates, Consumer saving, Consumer spending, Inflation, Deflation, Jobs, Food, Business and Energy have become top priorities for every nation.

Change is everywhere.  Money is moving around very quickly, as nations no longer compete within their borders - but on the world market for vital resources like food and energy. Businesses are become international, selling products in many nations.

People around the world are looking for answers and new ways to save and make money. The primary problems in the global economy today are the direct cause of failed monetary policies by governments that over promised entitlement programs and have turned to printing money in order to deliver their promises.

The result has led to the economic disaster that we are in. The fundamental principles of economics cannot be changed.  The sooner we understand this madness the sooner we can protect our wealth and replace the leaders that led the world into this mess. Join me as I explain how free market Capitalism is the only way to bring real economic recovery and teach you how to protect your money until Capitalism is restored.

Personal finances is directly linked to a nations monetary policy. There is no getting around it. I wish we could all ignore politics, but if you really want to increase your wealth I'm afraid you cannot afford to ignore what the government is doing and has done. The US government has become the largest part of the economy and the most influential in creating competitive advantages and disadvantages.  If your business wants to survive or you want to start a business, you must understand the drastic effects of government policy within you industry.


We do not offer a job service or an investment service. We only offer insightful economic information.  

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